Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Tutor, Jo Shapcott, Wins the Costa Book of the Year!

Jo Shapcott is currently teaching our workshop group on the Creative Writing MA. I was thrilled to hear her poetry collection, Of Mutability, won the Costa book of the year. I even saw her on BBC Breakfast this morning. She excepted the award with humility, and 'on behalf of the genre of poetry'. The total prize money for the award was £35,000 - ah, what a dream! We plan to celebrate with cake in our next workshop :)


  1. Cake! CAKE! She just won thirty five grand. I'd expect at least a dancing monkey in a fez - cheap skate poets, huh! :)

    Great news. Must be awesome to get advice and coaching from someone with such a proven record.

  2. That is absolutely marvelous. Congratulations to her.

  3. We expect a bit - make that a LOT - of that brilliance to rub off, you know... ;)


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