Wednesday, 15 December 2010


The first semester of my MA in Creative Writing is over. It's gone so quickly. Though there are three semesters in the year, only two of them are teaching semesters, so I've already had half of my teaching - a daunting thought!

Over the Christmas break I'm writing a 3-4k theory based essay. I've never had to do an academic essay to do with Creative Writing before. The essay side of Creative Writing at undergraduate level was about self-responses. Likewise, I've not had much experience of inventing my own title - about anything. Again, this is quite daunting. If I chose a bad title, my whole essay could fall through.

Luckily our first assignments are marked twice, and we have a chance to re-write them before the final submission. So that's quite comforting.

We also have to submit the first 5k words of our novels. I am going to go over all the parts I have been workshopping, and spruce them up a bit. I'm not too worried about getting this work done. But I'm very apprehensive of having it marked.

Now that a third of the academic year has gone, I'm also starting to panic about what I'm going to do in the future. Should I go back into the publishing industry? Can I expand my freelancing? Could I become an English teacher? ... I just have no idea.

Ideally, I think I need a job I can do part time, and one where I have a balance between working alone and interacting with people. Above all, though, it needs to be something I enjoy. That has always been my number one goal when it comes to a permanent job.

I know I have time to figure this all out. But sometimes time has a nasty habit of speeding up.


  1. It is remarkable how similar I am feeling. Last year of uni, first semester over and facing the daunting task of finding a job for when I graduate. I'm looking for things in publishing and media too which adds extra stress.

    It is nice to know you're not alone, even if your company in the stress is online. Good luck with the novel and essay etc.

    Have a good xmas too.

  2. Many thanks, Alex. Good luck with your future job hunt, and Merry Christmas to you too! :)


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