Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Highlights of 2010

This is my 100th post! According to my counter, I've had over 10,000 visits to my blog. And according to Google Analytics, I've had over 2,000 individual visitors this year. And I have 50 blogger followers at the moment. Those are some nice stats :)

Anyhoo. It's nearly the end of 2010. Once again I shall be moaning about how quickly time flies, and moaning even more that I can't get used to writing '11' instead of '10' in dates. Inevitably, the end of the year is a time for reflection.

Last year I set myself one goal for 2010: write at least 500 words a week. Unfortunately, I quickly forgot about my goal. I didn't record any word counts. But considering I've written 10k of a novel, and a bunch of short stories and poems, I think it's possible I may have nearly reached the target. Who knows!

Here are the highlights of 2010:

  • APR. I published the first issue of Inkspill Magazine.
  • MAY. I travelled to Greece.
  • JUN. I got to travel to Portugal for the EurOMA conference, and stay in a 5 star hotel - all in the name of work!
  • JUL. I got to read and comment on the unpublished draft of Write to Be Published by Nicola Morgan, before it hits the shelves in June 2011.
  • AUG. I was accepted onto Royal Holloway's Creative Writing MA.
  • SEP. I racked up 1 year's experience in the publishing industry.
  • OCT. I was short listed in Mslexia's poetry competition.
  • NOV. I was published in the highly successful Hint Fiction anthology.
  • NOV. I was whisked away to Venice for my birthday.
  • DEC. I managed to reach the first 10k of a novel - the most I've ever written for a single project.

Strangely, looks like the first quarter of my year was pretty uneventful. I think I was just focusing on work, and spending my free time creating the first issue of Inkspill Magazine. Either that, or I can't remember that far back.

Fingers crossed for an even better 2011!


  1. Wow, you've accomplished so much in 2010. Here's hoping that your 2011 rawks just as hard!

  2. A year well spent, I'd say. I expect great things in 2011.

  3. Yeah, this just sounds like the appetiser for a bumper feast of writing in 2011. Hope the novels going well!

    Happy New Year



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