Thursday, 19 August 2010

Do You Know What's in Your Character's Fridge?

Stumbled across this great photography project: You Are What You Eat.

It is a selection of photographs of people's fridges. The captions tell us about the owners. You can tell quite a bit about lifestyles from these photographs.

For example, this is the contents of a 1-person household. The owner was a World War II prisoner of war. He has a well-stocked fridge, which even includes cans of food. Make me wonder if he now has a fear of hunger, and makes sure his food supply is always well-stocked with long-lasting products in case of emergency.

The caption for this photo is: "Short Order Cook | Marathon,TX | 2-Person Household | She can bench press over 300lbs. | 2007". I'm mostly wondering why the hell there is a snake in her freezer (top right).

Anyway, food for thought. How well do you know your characters? What would they have in their fridge?

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