Monday, 10 May 2010

The No-One Prince of Nowhere

Now... I could bang on about how excited I am that I finally received my batch of Inkspill Magazine from the printers today... and that it is available to buy from the website for merely a few quid...

OR, I could share with you my crummy poetry. No contest, really, is it?

The No-One Prince of Nowhere

The No-One Prince of Nowhere
sat on his throne and stared.
Hand on chin, elbow on knee
in his ancient royal chair

which was nowhere to be marked
on any map or any chart.
It’s where my kingdom used to be,
The No-One Prince remarked.

The field was empty, bare and dead,
The grass all shrivelled, the earth all red.
And though alone, the Prince would see
battles play inside his head.

Slash! Clash! Clank-Clank!
Sounds of war, the smells so rank,
lived on inside his memory,
though his face was always blank.

The men all fell, one by one,
And it was clear that none had won.
Now No-One lived and all were free,
because the Prince was dead and gone.


  1. Oh how wonderful to finally read a poem that rhymes and has a lovely rhythm. I like all this free verse, but there's too much of it. I don't know what any of it's about at all but it's very nice to read. It makes my brain feel warm.

    Cheers! :)

  2. I'm not a poetry fan, I have no idea about convention or structure, what works and what doesn't, but I enjoyed that.

    You must be stoked about Inkspill tho!



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