Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Inkspill Magazine Issue 1

Well, the first issue has been out for a little while now and has sold quite a few copies. Bob Jacobs, a writer I've know over the inter-web for a number of years now, has written a review of the issue here: Inkspill Magazine's Debut Issue.

Inkspill Magazine is A5 in size, with 64-jam-packed pages of fiction, poetry, art and articles. It has a glossy full-colour cover and a creative black and white internal design. The text is laid out in two columns which is interjected with quotes from the text and illustrative photographs in order to look more like a magazine and less like a book full of chunks of text.

Contributors are from across the globe, from the UK to the US, Denmark, Russia and Germany. Previously published or unpublished, Inkspill Magazine commissions work based on merit, not the reputation of the writer.

Articles include insights into performance poetry with tips for beginners, the analysis of a famous tale and the mediums it has been told in, and the editor of 100 Stories for Haiti tells us about the project's conception.

Short stories include tales of conjoined twins, blood-thirsty trees, invisible girls, imaginary friends, babies for sale and personal revelation.

Poetry ranges from the surreal to the humorous, from prose-poetry to visual poetry.

Art punctuates the text, with full pages dedicated to mixed media pieces, abstract paintings, and beautiful photographs.

All this for just £3.50 + P&P. PDF download will be available soon for just £1.50.

Website: www.inkspillmagazine.com
Email: hello@inkspillmagazine.com

Currently open to submissions for Issue 2 until the end of May. Please read the submission guidelines before submitting.


100 Stories for Haiti: The Editor Speaks - by Greg McQueen
Thoughts from a Performance Poet - by Ray Morgan
Book vs Film: Watership Down - by Lindsay Oberst

Short Stories:
The Art of Invisibility - by Angela Readman
Before Helping Others - by Kat Hausler
Kevin - Bernard Brachya Cohen
The Carver's Son - Django Gold
Jasper's Betrayal - Jessica Patient
The Pump Twin - K. R. Sands

A Woodchip Fell from the Sky - William Doreski
The Course of Empire - Gardner Mounce
Red Door - Neila Mezynski
Speaking of Mayer - Lee Minh Sloca
Any Dope Can Write a Ditty - Russell Bittner
Pedro - Ray Morgan

Swell - Gardner Mounce
Steps Leading Up to Lookout Hill - Russell Bittner
Attack of the Furies - Jim Fuess
A young Midwestern girl looking bored, lace curtains in window light and the silhouette of a flightless bird - Todd R. Behrendt

Cover Art:
Alexander Gordeev


  1. Django Gold is just about the best name anywhere!

    Looks fantastic, really professional. Depending on funds this month, I gonna pick up a copy.

    You still looking for art? I know my stuff for our last project was a bit ropey, but weird/abstract/off the wall art is a particular favourite of mine! Drop me a line if you wan to see some samples.


  2. Isn't it just a great name?

    Yes, please send some of your stuff my way, Rich! Would love to see more of your art. Send it into submissions@inkspillmagazine.com


  3. Well done, Sophie. Looking forward to Issue 2.



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