Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pearson Charity Book Sale Raises £4,850

Last week, I attended my second Pearson Education charity book sale at work. This is where lots of unsold Penguin stock (Penguin is owned by Pearson) is sold to Pearson employees at a ridiculously low price. Paperbacks were 50p, hardbacks were £1. One of the perks of working for such a big publishing company.

As usual, hundreds of people were queuing for the doors to open. This time, I was right at the front! Behind me, I could see a dangerous light reflecting in the eyes of every book-crazy employee. Fingers were flexing, ready to grab armfuls of the nearest books.

The doors opened and the room flooded before I could blink. The more experienced employees knew exactly where to go to get the best books. I hovered near the classics for a while, slightly dazed. The room filled and I spent forty minutes trying to circulate round all the tables.

I spent only about £15, but I got two bagfuls of books.

Today it was announced that the grand total raised was £4,850 from books that would have otherwise been pulped. The money is being split between the Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust and The Michael Roberts Charitable Trust.

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