Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Day in the Life... #2

I keep meaning to do more of these...

Today wasn't the most typical of days. Even though I have a ton of work to do (at the moment that includes conducting lots and lots of accademic reviews of our textbooks, sample chapters, and proposals; and preparing a manuscript for handover to the production team), I didn't get anything done today!

I wasn't slacking - I had other stuff to do.

The whole of my morning was spent in training. I attended an 'Introduction to Questionnaires' session, which was quite interesting. Very relevant since I have to write questionnaires to use as part of the reviewing process.

Then I had lunch with the other editorial assistants and assistant editors. We had three new people start this week, so that's quite exciting.

I spent the next hour or so sorting out emails. They tend to build up.

The rest of the afternoon I was in a meeting with the Nursing List staff. This included myself, the editor, and two of the marketing team. We were discussing some exciting up-coming plans to do with social media and putting together a student advisory team. I got the go-ahead to start a Twitter feed for the Nursing List! (I've been wanting to do that for months.) So yay!

Then I came home and ate a huge bar of chocolate. But that isn't part of the job.

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