Sunday, 14 February 2010

Short-Story.Me : The Edge of Extinction

My sci-fi/fantasy flash fiction 'The Edge of Extinction' is up at Short-Story.Me today. It's on the front page as I write this, but I'll link to its own page so you can read the full story.

It had been four years since he’d seen his own kind alive. There was a white-hot explosion. He shielded his eyes with his arm, too little too late, and was thrown into the air. When he woke up, half his face had melted away and most of the flesh was gone from his arm. The sounds of war had silenced.


(image from


  1. Very interesting and cool... short stories always make me want to know more :D

  2. Oooh, chilling like Terminator (1). There's something, I'll say it again, chilling about a machine programmed to relentlessly kill without conscience.


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