Thursday, 11 February 2010

Have All the Ideas Run Out?

I went to the cinema the other day to see the remake of 'The Wolfman'. It was very disappointing. Predictable and boring for the most part (though I did think the transformation scenes weren't bad, as you'd expect with modern technology). Thing is, it was never really a good idea, was it? Back in the day, it was a fresh idea. Now it's just a cliche.

All the trailers before the film were for remakes. A remake of the 1973 film 'The Crazies' - I haven't seen the original, but I knew of it. I'm going to watch the remake when it comes out, though I have a feeling its going to be one of those films where the trailer is the best part. And a remake of 'Clash of the Titans' is coming out soon, too. I loved the original. That stop-start animation had such a freaky quality to it. Much scarier than CGI realism in my opinion.

I don't see the point in remaking films. I really don't. I'm trying to think of a remake that's better than the original. Perhaps my brain is a bit too tired at the moment to think. Or perhaps there just aren't (m)any.

I wish the film industry would stop taking a film and shoving a load of new effects into it. I wish they would stop focusing on special effects, and start thinking up some new ideas.

Because, as with creative writing, you can have all the fancy effects you like, but it's the story that's the core of it. Without the story, everything else falls flat.


  1. I wouldn't say it's better per se, but the Dawn of the Dead remake was a cracking zombie film. The original is a classic, but the updating of the tale felt right.

    In a similar vein (although this doesn't really count as they were made by the same person) Evil Dead 2 is a better film than 1. The 2nd is effectively the film Raimi wanted to make but didn't have the budget.

    Lots of Hong Kong films have been made into better versions; Resevoir Dogs, The Departed, etc

    But your right, in the main films like Halloween, Friday 13th are pretty damn pointless...

  2. 'Reservoir Dogs' was a remake?! I did not know that. Man, does that Tarentino guy ever come up with his own ideas?

  3. I couldn't agree more. Thing is, special effects are all some people want in a film, and as long as people pay their money to see them nothing significant is going to change. I think that's probably why I don't bother with the cinema so much now, though I did hugely enjoy it when a local indie made Monday evenings an indie film evening - lots of French films and stuff - which WERE all about the story and trying something new. But if they're only shown on one day in one small theatre they've no hope of making enough money to justify bigger budgets have they? Grr and harrumph.


  4. *laughs*

    You're at that age, Sophie. There's kids out there going, "What? Wolfman is a remake??"

    I thought the War of the Worlds remake was better than the original. And The Fly, though that's probably due another remake by now.

    Are there any remakes you'd like to see that haven't been done yet?

  5. Nik - that cinema sounds amazing. I wish more places did that kind of thing.

    Bob - I haven't seen the original War of the Worlds, but I did love the newest one. And I've seen half of the original The Fly. I think the remake of that was better, you're right. I suppose its hit and miss. Just seems like there are an aweful lot of remakes coming out at the moment though!

  6. I'd say TV is better than cinema at the moment. There's some really strong writing behind the latest crop of shows: Being Human, Glee, and Fast Forward being particular favourites.


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