Friday, 29 January 2010

Boudoir of Books

I have quite a lot of books. I'm sure most of you do. I don't have as many as I'd like. I often have to purge my horde due to lack of space. I have an increasing number of books on writing and publishing. And an increasing collection of lit mags and small press anthologies and the like. I started wondering about how those books would look, grouped together instead of scattered round my room. So I took some photos. Then I thought I might as well take some photos of all the nooks and crannies my books live in.

Here are all my books on writing. There are a few I'm currently reading ('First Draft in 30 Days' - Wisener, 'Make a Scene' - Rosenfeld) and some I haven't finished reading but started years ago ('The Ode Less Travelled' - Fry), and some I haven't even looked at yet. Mostly I've read them.

(That little guy in the corner is Rufus.)

And these are all my writing magazines and small press digests and the like. As you may notice, my copy of 'First Edition' isn't here. That's because I threw it away. I have also bought copies of 'Writer's Forum' and the other writing magazines that usually appear on the shelves of WHSmith. I buy them every so often, but they don't hugely appeal to me so I don't often keep them.

(As you can see, I'm a fan of 'Mslexia'.)

As for the rest of my books. I have two shelves over my desk. Highlights in this picture include my 9 inch vinyl of Nine Inch Nail's 'March of the Pigs' single, which my neighbour gave me for my 18th birthday, the Meowth pokemon sitting in front of my Narnia collection, and you can see my degree in the corner there too.

And the full shot of my shelves, where you can see my not-so-secret love of Anne Rice's 'Vampire Chronicles'. I also love my dragon book ends, which I got on The Isle of Wight, and you can see one of the masks I have from Venice.

My weird bookcase. My guitar shrunk in the wash. Okay, it's a ukulele.

This next one is my mini bookcase. From Argos. I put it together. It's not very sturdy. And I have so little room for all my stuff that I've had to stick my CD rack in front of it :( And yes, that book does say 'SEX' - it's a book of erotic art through the ages. And that middle shelf is mostly DVDs. And that's the 'Alien' quadrilogy on there too. Oh yeah.

This last one is the pile on top of my CD player. Mostly 'am vaguely reading' pile. And a couple of CDs, including Sue Foley and Rage Against the Machine, just to mix it up a bit.

There. I hope you've enjoyed looking round my room. Now get out before I call the police.


  1. I want your dragon bookends!

  2. I'm reading that copy of Black Static at the moment - good stuff.

  3. Ian - you can't have them! But your jealousy makes me warm inside :)

    Cate - I haven't read all of it yet. Very swish looking publication, though, that's for sure. I think it was a free copy I blagged from twitter... Something like that.

  4. Yeah, I've ordered the latest issue of Black Static. Love to get published in there one day.

    You should check out Writers Workshop of Horror, best damn 'how to' book, I've ever read.

    Oh, and put Watchmen to the top of your pile, read it and then stop by my blog to tell me how wrong you were about that dog turd of a movie, lol ;)


  5. I feel like I'm invading some privacy here. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. My goodness! We have a lot of books in common. Many of them are still on my to-read list though.

  8. Note on 'Brett' post. This looked dodgy to me. Had a strange link in it. Removed.

    Bob - that's cool :) Which books in particular?


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