Thursday, 20 August 2009

Ugly Betty is Stealing My Job

So, while I was in the middle of designing my website (it's taking a lot more time and effort than I thought it would), I was half watching 'Ugly Betty' on television, feeling too lazy to channel hop and find anything better. And it reminded me that Prospect's grad blogger Jennysha had said in one of her posts that Ugly Betty is her idol.

Betty works as an assistant editor in a fashion magazine. Granted, I am not particularly interested in the fashion world, but it dawn on me today that Betty is on the same mission as me: climbing from assistant editor upwards in the publishing world.

With Miss Betty's world fame and popularity, has she inspired more people to enter the publishing world? Has she been persuading people all these years to become my competition?

Have people who have be Betty-lead to the publishing industry been getting the jobs I've been applying for, while I'm still sat watching the telly?


  1. I'm a bit disappointed you felt the need to channel hop to find somethin' better than Betty. IMHO, one of the best shows on the box right now...

    ...and no, I'm not gay.


  2. I do quite like watching it, but I'm not that fussed. I've not followed it at all - I just know the jist!


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