Thursday, 6 August 2009

Maybe You're Not a Writer...

I was watching the brilliant TV show 'Six Feet Under' last week, and there was a particularly interesting conversation between the character of Claire, who was previously an art student but now works in an office, and her Aunt Sarah.

SARAH: Maybe you're not an artist.

CLAIRE: Why would you say that?

SARAH: Did it hurt your feelings when I said it?

CLAIRE: Ah, yeah!

SARAH: Maybe I'm right. Maybe if you were an artist, you'd have laughed when I said that. Like if you told me I was purple, I would laugh because I know I'm not purple. But when I said you weren't an artist you felt bad, maybe because you know there is a grain of truth in it.

So, if I told you that you weren't a writer, how would you feel?


  1. I would agree with you, laughing, while at the same time inwardly nursing my hurt feelings.

  2. Such a good show. Such good writing. As for telling me I'm not a writer -- go ahead, I dare you.

  3. Hmm interesting, and an interesting question. Honestly, I think I'd shrug and think: think what you like. Either that or I'd get arsey and probably swear. ;)

  4. Sigh, I suppose it would give me another reason to return to the bottle...

  5. Fine.

    However, they would be nursing a black eye. ;)

  6. Oh my. I think I've done more damage than good!

  7. I'd choke down that little surge of self-doubt, nod sagely, in that "you're entitled to your opinion" way that old people like me have learned to do, and say "And what do you do for a living?" or something equally bitter-sounding. Then probably join Barry in getting drunk. :)

    Honestly, though, I think we all need that self-doubt; otherwise why would we bother to improve?

  8. It wouldn't bother me because I don't consider myself a writer. I'm someone who writes. If I achieve some success in the future, real success, then I'll call myself a writer.

  9. Bob, so you can only be a writer if you are successful?

    The way I see it, I write, therefore I am :D

    When I go through long periods not writing, I can't call myself a writer, because I'm not writing... It's a physical thing. Writers write.

  10. I'm late to this party but... I agree with Bob. Although it states in my blog header that I'm a "writer", I don't truly believe I deserve the label, not until I achieve a certain level of success. What that level is, I haven't a clue. Maybe it's just a carrot I dangle in front of myself.

  11. See, I think that would define someone as a 'successful writer', or even a 'professional writer', but just being a writer I think has more to do with the action of writing. Even if you write shit, you're still writing :D

  12. Well I am a writer, whether the success finds me or not. Let's hope it does though, then I won't sound stupid when I say I am...



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