Thursday, 2 July 2009

Busy Week

Just a few bits and pieces for you today, dear reader, as I've been quite ill this week.

Judge bans 'Catcher in the Rye' book sequel
Some of you may remember from my June blog post that author JD Salinger was suing a writer for trying to release a book called 'Coming Through the Rye' which contained a character extremely similar to Salinger's Holden Caulfield. Well, the judge has ruled in Salinger's favour. Salinger's lawyers called the attempted sequel a "rip-off pure and simple".

The BBC says:
"Mr Colting's novel sees 76-year-old Mr C - who the author has admitted is based on Caulfield - escape from a retirement home and head to New York."

You can read the full article HERE

Fastest Writer in the West
Last week, I wrote a story in response to a challenge at Critters Bar, a writing forum. Every week we have a 'write a story in 200 words using this prompt' contest. The prompt for that week was 'sand', and with the blog-zine Six Sentences in mind, I wrote a response in about twenty minutes, and sent it off for submission to 6S. Within the hour I had received an acceptance and the story was up on the site! The fastest response I've ever received. You can read the micro-story HERE - 'A Sandy Found Sock'.

Twitter helps find me work
My cousin Tracy Playle, who runs her own business, Picklejar Communications, saw my unemployed plight via Twitter and offered me some proofreading work. I spent a few hours proofreading Nottingham University's student handbook. This was my first paid proofreading job, so I'm really pleased and very grateful for my cousin for taking a chance on me :)

I score a creative writing column in new youth magazine
Some people from my university course who used to run the student newspaper are setting up a brand new newspaper/magazine for the young people and students of Norwich. It's called The Project, and I was asked to write an article about submitting short stories to horror magazines. I suggested that I do a more general article about submitting stories as well, and they said go for it. Then I suggested that I could write another one on writing forums, and another one on entering writing competitions... They said sure, why not? And after sending my first two articles, and asking if they needed any more help with the creative writing section, they offered me the job of Creative Writing Commissioning Editor. That sounds uber-impressive, and I'm just waiting now to be sent a list of duties. It's not all official yet, but it would be really fun to be a part of this project.

WordVooDoo kicks off again
I've been volunteering as a creative writing moderator/tutor for an online project called WordVooDoo for the past year. This is where pupils of the George Mitchell School in London post their responses to set tasks and various university student moderators post encouragement and gentle criticism. This year I'm working on the new sister project, Junior WordVooDoo, too. This means I'm working with kids from ages 8-16, I think. We're not told the ages of our pupils so that we judge their work based solely on what is written. I really enjoy it, and some of the kids are really talented. I think it's great that creative writing is being encouraged so professionally at this academic level. I only wish I had the chance to be involve in such a scheme what I was their age!

And oh yeah, I got my uni grade
I got a 2.1, which is one grade below a first. I was expecting this as nearly every piece of work I wrote was marked a 2.1, with only a few pieces marked as a First grade. I really wish I had tried a little bit harder, but I do have a string of reasons/excuses that I think hindered me a little throughout the three years, including getting glandular fever, food poisoning, my nan dying, and breaking my foot which meant the ten minute walk to campus took me over half an hour of pain. So yeah. A 2.1 isn't too bad.


  1. Well done on the grade :)

    The WordVooDoo (what a great name) sounds similiar to a scheme that I helped with a few years ago. It was the Booker for younger/new writers and students were paired with CRW students. It was a great experience as I love helping others to explore creative writing.

    Critters Bar sounds like fun.

    Also another tip, The bookseller has a weekly jobs newsletter (its free) so you might find a job on there!

  2. Hi again Jessica :)

    Yeah, the WordVooDoo project really is a great experience (and I love the name too!). That's cool that you've also done something similar. It's good to know that there are more projects like it out there.

    You should join Critters Bar! It's such a friendly place and people aren't afriad of giving constructive crits.

    Thanks for The Bookseller tip, but I'm one step ahead of ya ;) I recently signed up to the newsletter and check the site a few times a week. I've applied to a few jobs on there, but as they get so much exposure, they get a hell of a lot of people applying. Worth a shot though!

  3. Sophie,if you add your swimming adventure into the mix, you’re having a busy year. I sent my “Sand” story off to 6S and got the OK from Robert this morning, so thank for the inspiration.

  4. I hope you're feeling better now, Sophie, and congrats on the 2:1.



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