Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Poetry Slam

Just watched 'Why Poetry Matters' presented by Griff Rhys Jones on BBC2 this evening. Some really interesting stuff. I hope it is on the iPlayer so I can watch it again as I was somewhat distracted by improving this shiny blog.

Here's a video of an impressive poetry slam. Looks like great fun.


  1. Your new blog page is as light is mine is dark. Very...fung shway (I have no doubt that is spelled hopelessly wrong...)

    Just noticed you're a fellow two-time Night to Dawn author. Bet our pieces were sooooo different!

  2. Like Eminem rappin' on Eight Mile. Hardcore.

  3. Dan, I know, it's crazy. I am usually first to make my background colour black, or something almost as dark. But I'm swaying more towards clean minimalism... I think it's the influence of the other half!

    Brian, I know, it's very like rapping, isn't it?


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