Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Frustrating BBC // Radio Play

I came across this radio play "The Complete Smiley - Call for the Dead which is a dramatisation by Robert Forrest of John le Caré's first novel. I really wanted to listen to it, but BBC's stupid iPlayer demands that I install Real Player. I HATE Real Player. Several times before I have installed it to listen to something on the BBC radio website, then uninstalled it soon after, as it messes up all my other media settings and bombards me with stupid messages. It's just a pretty poor program, really.

So today I installed it again, just to listen to this. And it still doesn't work. Urg. The BBC need to sort this out.

Anyhoo, maybe you guys will have more luck listening to it, if you fancy it. Let me know if it is any good.

It is 90min long, and there are only THREE MORE DAYS that it is avaliable to listen to online, so you better get your skates on.

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